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Sortech Screens confidently lead to high precision material sorting to both oversized and undersized fractions:

  • completely customized adaptations boost value for any material stream: municipal solid waste - MSW,  industrial waste, demolition waste, RDF, compost and biomass, car fluff, tires, metal scrap, plastic, PET bottles, paper, wood, incineration bottom ash, automotive shredder residue ASR, inerts, clean fuel for power plants;
  • high production levels within minimal space;
  • a new anti-clogging system highly reduces risk of films winding around the shafts and extends working time between maintenances.

Separation way.

As materials pass through the stars screen, materials is strongly shaken up and down, until it is separated into 2 fractions:

  • small sized materials falls down through the spaces between discs/stars;
  • big sized material goes forward over the surface of disc/star screen.

Sortech Disc Screen and Star Screen are designed to suit individual applications and materials types by varying the distance between the discs/stars, the speed of rotation and the angle of the screen.

Separating with Sortech Screens is precise, simple and economical: optimal choice for recycling professionals. Master-class engineering helps handle separation with advanced conditions, ensuring optimal functionality, minimal wear and long-lasting sorting efficiency.


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