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Sortech Disc Screen and Star Screen precisely separate material into oversized and undersized fraction. They are extremely reliable for separation of:

  • over-lengths from single materials such as - clean fuel for power plants, municipal solid waste, plastic and PET bottles, Car fluff, tires, incineration bottom ash, green waste (compost refining), fresh wood and biomass;
  • over-lengths from abrasive material: domestic and commercial waste, wood waste, metals, construction waste and demolition waste, dangerous waste.

Separation way.

As materials pass through the stars screen, materials is strongly shaken up and down, until it is separated into 2 fractions:

  • small sized materials falls down through the spaces between discs/stars;
  • big sized material goes forward over the surface of disc/star screen.

Sortech Disc Screen and Star Screen are designed to suit individual applications and materials types by varying the distance between the discs/stars, the speed of rotation and the angle of the screen.

A new special anti-winding patented system highly reduces the risk of films winding around the shafts and extend the working time between maintenances.

Sortech stars separator are valued by customer for high throughput, extremely precise separation and low maintenance. 


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