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Zig-Zag Air Separator sorts light material from heavy material.

It is an ideal de-duster and separator for shredded or granulated recycled material, like: plastics, rubber, WEEE material, RDF, wood, paper, C&D waste and etc.

As well as for food industry, for separation of grain, dried fruits and vegetables.

On milled plastic it's able to remove dust, film fraction, paper, light plastic wires, etc.

The air flow, required for separation, is blown through the separation tube from bottom to top. Light material and all dusts are lifted up by the air stream, while heavy material falls down through the air flow and is discharged through the separator base.

Sortech Zig-Zag Air Separator operates in recirculation air mode, which means the air is returned via blower to the separator’s base without atmosphere emission. 

Sortech Zig Zag air separator is made of sturdy structures and high-end engineering solutions:

  • provides very precise separation by multi-stage-cross-flow separation;
  • assures constant product quality;
  • ensures an optimal operating result over the long term;
  • requires minimal maintenance.


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