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Sortech ballistic separator is the first step to an efficient material sorting.


Ballistic separator sorts materials into 3 different fractions:


  • 3D materials - rolling and heavy materials, like: hollow bodies, different packages, plastic bottles, stones, wood, cans and steel sections;
  • 2D materials- flat and light materials, like: plastic films, textiles, paper, cardboard and fibers;
  • Fine fraction - screened fraction of various sizes can be separated according to paddle perforation.


Sortech ballistic separators is ideal for processing: plastic mixed with paper, films, cans and fine-sized material, as well as for municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste.


Available as monodeck and multidecks models.


Talented Sortech experts ensure optimal functionality and sorting efficiency. Solid constructions and high-quality components guarantee long-lasting and smooth operation, daily.


OPEN FACTORY - Ballistic Separator

Are you looking for a ballistic screen for the sorting of 3D from 2D material ?

Are you interested but you have doubts and are you still undecided ?

Do you want to see the technical solutions closely and understand the reliability of our separator ?

WRITE US NOW, we will organize, without obligation, a visit to our factory and we will show you the ballistic separator live. The visits will be organized between the end of February and the beginning of March 2021.


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